Goa Is Now Open To Domestic Travellers

Things you need to know before visiting


After more than three agonizing months of lockdown, Goa has finally opened its gate for domestic travelers on 2nd July 2020. More than 250 hotels got permission to open it’s service for the tourists, as the Goa tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said. It is finally starting its journey and many people, who worked here, whose life was dependent on this tourism industry got such a major relief.

But, you need to keep many things in mind and follow them accordingly before visiting this paradise:

  • Travelers have to be COVID-19 negative and will have to show the medical certificate, or he can be tested in the state which is mandatory.
  • After arriving, they will be taken to a hotel for the test and until the results come out, they are was forbidden to leave the place.
  • Travelers have to book a hotel and after their confirmation, which will be given by the tourism department, they can stay there.
  • If the hotels or any kind of staying place didn’t get permission from the tourism department, then that hotel is forbidden for any traveler. They can not stay there during their journey.
  • Hotels or resorts that are not registered with the tourism department and did not get permission to offer their service, can cause chaos. There is a possibility that they will use various apps to offer their services, as per the tourism Minister.
  • Even after all these declarations, if someone decided to stay in such kind of hotel which are not registered and did not get the permission, will have to face severe punishment for illegality.

The decision was taken in a state cabinet meeting, which was chaired by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. A large part of the state’s economy was disturbed due to the lockdown from March 25. This news has brought different kinds of reactions, some of the tourists are really while others think this is a waste of money in this pandemic.


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